GALLERY: Travel Photography


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See the world through different eyes. After travelling to so many places over the years, these are some of the pictures that are a must-share for the world to see. Hover and click on the photos for the locations and which landmark is stamped in the shot!

GALLERY: Food Photography


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Follow me on a food adventure at home and all around! While this section is still growing like our appetites, may more fun and yummy cuisine keep coming our way! Don’t forget to check this FriendVenture for some sushi, cheese wontons and … chicken feet?

GALLERY: Dog Photography


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If there’s one thing I’ve learned when working with dogs and taking their pictures, it’s all about being patient in working with them. In order to take the right picture, you have to understand the dog and spend time with them, so that they can act naturally around you and do the shot you want.

But if you miss that shot, you might not be able to get it back. There is nothing like taking the right shots of dogs in action or posing for the camera. When the dog works well with you, you can create the perfect picture.