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Name: Donna Marie Sevilla
Position: Freelance Journalist
Follow Me: Twitter | LinkedIn | Youtube

Donna Marie Sevilla is a multimedia journalist and one of the graduates of Humber’s Print and Broadcast Journalism program. She aspires to be a videographer, but is well-rounded in both print, digital and broadcast.

Donna is also a fictional writer. In 2008 when she was in eleventh grade,she won an award for her short story piece titled, “Smile of Hope” at the Brampton Library’s 10th annual Branching Out: Brampton Library’s Compilation  of Youth Writing & Artwork. The awarding ceremony was hosted at Cyril Clark Library, one of the branches belonging to the Brampton Library.

Don’t think that you’re a ‘print’ person, or a ‘broadcast’ person. I want you all to come out of this, saying, ‘I’m a journalist’.

She also had experience in being an online forum administrator for an online forum known as Lee Donghae International (formerly known as My EveryHae), and communication with translators to provide the top news in Korean entertainment surrounding Lee Donghae, a member of South Korean boy band Super Junior.  She has acted as a reporter for Center Stage, an international news blog that provides updates on Super Junior. Her previous roles include Health Reporter for the Humber Et Cetera at Humber College, and Production Editor for her class website,The Medieval Peasants.

She has also been the Art Director for Humber College’s magazine YYZ 2014. Her recent work has been a reporter for Humber News and 96.9 FM Radio Humber News. As a staff member of the 96.9 FM Radio Humber News, she also has experience in producing and lining up newscasts to be read at the top and bottom of the hour, as well as lining up, directing and hosting magazine shows for the AtHumber segment.

Roles of Experience:

  • 96.9 FM Radio Humber – News Reader, Reporter
  • @Humber on 96.9 FM Radio Humber – Line-up Producer, Studio Director, Host
  • Humber News Online – Managing Editor, Reporter, Videographer
  • Humber News TV – Reporter, Videographer, Weather Reporter, Production Assistant, CG Operator, Teleprompter, Floor Director, Audio, Headlines Producer
  • Humber Et Cetera – Health News Reporter
  • YYZ Magazine 2014 (Humber College) – Art Director (Print), Writer
  • The Medieval Peasants (Online) – Production Editor
  • Lee Donghae International/MyEveryHae (Online) – Founder, Forum Administrator, Social Media Manager, Archivist

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