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Deadpool Trailer Screenshot

The Deadpool movie will leave you dead with laughter. (Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Youtube | Deadpool Trailer)

Yep, you’ve read it right. Deadpool isn’t exactly the kind of guy that you’d introduce to your parents. After third-wheeling on an advanced Valentine’s Day date, it was worth sitting for two hours at the theatre for Deadpool, which actually lived up to its hype over the past couple of months.

For a brief synopsis on those who don’t know Deadpool, Wade Wilson was diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer in his liver, lungs, prostate and brain, and underwent an procedure that was so experimental, not even the scientist could tell him what it was capable of doing. It does take some time, but he’s got his sense of humour while wearing a red suit to make up for it. But be warned, that humour sometimes makes the bad guys want to punch him in the face for the way he just annoys you, without needing to show if he has a smile under his mask. He’s the fourth-wall-breaking character that knows he’s a character in a film, has a bad mouth that doesn’t seem to miss a sexual innuendo, likes to talk to the audience and that’s only a piece of the jigsaw to Deadpool’s humour.

Unlike other Marvel movies, romance isn’t the main plot in his character’s story, but it’s not completely pushed to sit on the backburner. It’s only a small plot device that helps the protagonist get the girl at the end of the film.

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson “Deadpool”

Now here’s the man of the hour, or hours, that donned this red suit to be this guy that everyone has a love-hate relationship with. It’s not the first time he’s played Deadpool, dating back to X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in 2009, but his sense of humour seemed to be downplayed in comparison to the way his character was in the new movie. With this new movie, he was able to bring the character to life, to bring out the real Deadpool that was well-known for his sardonic humour mixed with slapstick comedy.

Looking back at the last origins movie Reynolds was in, Wade only had to be told to keep his mouth shut once or twice and let the action do the talking for him, versus villains in his anti-hero movie wanting to sew his lips shut. Despite the handful of supporting characters that he has to propel his story forward, neither Wade or Deadpool show any signs of a character development, but a character that remains stagnant as if to indicate that no matter what happens to him, he’ll still be the same Wade Wilson that everyone knew before he went in for his experiment. While it might seem like they don’t add as much to Wade’s plot, without them, it would just be a movie about a mercenary that really hates the word ‘hero’.


When you hear a movie was low-budget, sometimes the movie shoots below expectations. But with the kind of background that Deadpool comes from, the locations needed for the shoot are very simple and get the concept of Deadpool’s background across. (I still won’t ever understand why there’s a gigantic ship sitting in the middle of the scrapyard, and this prop is no surprise if you’ve seen the Deadpool 2 Girls 1 Punch trailer version.) It’s not your usual origins movie, starting all the way from the beginning and bringing you up to speed on how it happened, or give you bits of recovered memories because the director want to show you what the character doesn’t know.

Deadpool knows exactly what happened to him, and between scenes, it’s like he’s decided to take a hold of the remote to hit the pause button.From there, Deadpool shows you what got him there. Did he forget something? Pause for a second and we’ll show you why he’s there– okay, now we’re caught up. He does this because the story is about him and he’s his own narrator, telling you his story instead of letting the film doing what films usually do: story-telling.

R is for more than Restricted

Deadpool is raunchy, and when I say that, it means that it’s a definite no for kids to see this movie. A friend of mine told me that he had seen a couple of parents bringing their kids when he went to see Deadpool but next thing he knew, parents were already walking their children out. From being Wade Wilson to being the anti-hero himself, it’s sexual innuendos galore, and the nudity is very real. I don’t think I could explain managing to sit through a sex scene and sipping on my water while my parents sat next to me, as if nothing happened.

From my perspective, this movie was worth waiting for and watching. Almost all of the seats were gone when I got into the theatre half an hour before the pre-show started rolling. Not sure if you’ll like it? Check out the trailers below, though the following content does contain material that is not safe for work or for children.

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