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Just moments ago, Toronto news station CP24 was livestreaming Toronto Mayor Rob Ford getting his flu shot. Just behind him was a flock of media while viewers could see the mayor unbuttoning his shirt and exposing himself just so he could get his shot. By now, there has been news on Mayor Rob Ford for the entire week, even months that it seems to give Toronto a bad reputation. It’s all that it’s ever become that now, news stations are under fire for the coverage that they’re giving the mayor.

What’s worse is that this has gone global where news stations are talking about it and it’s making headlines on magazine covers.

I literally turn off my radio if Mayor Rob Ford is the headline of the show without a care for what might be on later in the newscast. That leaves the car ride to school quiet and the only thing that can be heard are the passing cars.


And take a moment before we end up trying to watch Mayor Ford going to the grocery. Is this journalism? I don’t think so. Journalism is losing its spark every time we take a controversy and make it sound like a circus that everything else in the world is being put on the back-burner. Remembrance Day is coming up. There’s a typhoon in the Philippines, standing at a category-5 and destroying central Philippines, leaving three dead as of this morning.

What is the news?

It’s happening now. It’s current. But what were the headlines this morning when I was heading to school for the day? Mayor Rob Ford. My entire twitter feed has been nothing but Mayor Rob Ford and I’m not blaming that one city hall reporter that I follow. News sites and late night talk shows are compiling moments of Mayor Rob Ford’s shortcomings and making fun of him that I don’t even know what’s going on.

One of my classmates told us Thursday morning that there was news of a Detroit woman getting shot in the back of the head when all she had done was get into a car accident, knock on someone’s door for help and turned around when the trigger was pulled. No one in my class had ever known it happened.

Yes, Mayor Rob Ford has done something but do we need the coverage that it’s getting? No. We need to consider that there’s other news going on out there and every other news site is too busy chasing him to consider that there’s other things going on. But the more I look at the news and my Twitter feed, where do we put our foot down?

Publicity stunts. This could’ve had a completely different headline. Is everything a publicity stunt?

News is something that’s happening. It’s news we can use. It’s informative. It’s the latest. But news never supposed to push boundaries. News is not supposed to focus on one specific person and make that all of the news content.

Repeat after me: News is not a circus.