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Donna Marie Sevilla
Reporter, Center Stage

Super Junior’s Ryeowook shared a series of selcas from SMTown in Japan with fellow SM Entertainment labelmates. The Japan concert tour was held at the Tokyo Dome for two consecutive nights on Oct. 26 and Oct. 27. The photos ranged from backstage while preparing for performances to an onstage selcas.

Super Junior bandmate Kim Heechul, 30, had been discharged from his mandatory military service at the end of August 2013. Fans anticipated the return of the Big Star idol after working as a public service worker for 23 months.

SMTOWN in Tokyo 희님 & 려욱 & MAX ^^ t.co/cyo6Y9mDyN
Ryeo Wook@ryeong9    Sat, Oct 26 2013 01:10:52
[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Heenim & Ryeowook & Max ^^ pic.twitter.com/cyo6Y9mDyN
[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Ryeowook & Dana ^^ 

SMTOWN in Tokyo 윤아 & 제시카 & 려욱 t.co/lYaAjksBhZ

Ryeo Wook @ryeong9 Sun, Oct 27 2013 03:59:17

[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Yoona & Jessica & Ryeowook 
Even with day one of SMTOWN in Tokyo done, Ryewook still had more photos to share with fans via Twitter. Some of those included in the photo op were members of SNSD, SHINee, EXO , f(x), CSJH The Grace, and fellow bandmate Donghae.
[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Ryeowook & Sunny ^3^

SMTOWN in Tokyo 려욱 & 온유 V t.co/9agF6LFULL

Ryeo Wook @ryeong9 Sun, Oct 27 2013 13:11:38

[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Ryeowook & Onew V
EXO member Kai, 19, stopped to take a photo with Ryewook while the SMTown family strolled (and ran) around the stadium as they sang.

SMTOWN in Tokyo 려욱 & 카이 ^^ t.co/RoUPgwKByk

Ryeo Wook @ryeong9 Sun, Oct 27 2013 13:25:14

[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Ryeowook & Kai ^^ 

SMTOWN in Tokyo 려욱 & 수호 & 루한 ^^ t.co/P2fuXtHF34

Ryeo Wook @ryeong9 Sun, Oct 27 2013 13:26:15

[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Ryeowook & Suho & Luhan ^^ 
SMTOWN in Tokyo 려욱 & 시우민 ⊙⊙ t.co/zBzaaj7ooS
Ryeo Wook @ryeong9 Sun, Oct 27 2013 13:28:10
[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Ryeowook & Xiumin ⊙⊙
SMTOWN in Tokyo 려욱 & 빅토리아 ☆ t.co/bOfI0gBWnF
[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Ryeowok & Victoria 

SMTOWN in Tokyo 려욱 & 동해 ♥ t.co/hMSyEs1JKe

Ryeo Wook @ryeong9 Sun, Oct 27 2013 13:31:51

[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Ryeowook & Donghae 
Seoul-born songwriter and actress Oh Jimin, or J-Min, also performed at the concert. J-Min debuted in Japan in 2007 and had performed two songs at the SMTown Live World Tour III, “One” and “Stand Up,” from Korean drama “To The Beautiful You.”

SMTOWN in Tokyo J-min & 려욱 ^^ t.co/COJ0sWJa1x

Ryeo Wook @ryeong9 Sun, Oct 27 2013 14:11:44

[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo J-min & Ryeowook ^^

SMTOWN in Tokyo 타오 & 려욱 V t.co/5t2yC97F3r

Ryeo Wook @ryeong9 Sun, Oct 27 2013 14:13:50

[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Tao & Ryeowook V

SMTOWN in Tokyo 효연 & 려욱 & 유리 V t.co/Pz808yirTt

Ryeo Wook @ryeong9 Sun, Oct 27 2013 14:15:46

[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Hyoyeon & Ryeowook &Yuri V

SMTOWN in Tokyo 썬데이 & 려욱 & 루나 V t.co/Grz7BWKxwB

Ryeo Wook @ryeong9 Sun, Oct 27 2013 14:17:37

[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Sunday & Ryeowook & Luna V 

SMTOWN in Tokyo 려욱 & 서현 ^^ t.co/7Oaved7ZhL

Ryeo Wook @ryeong9 Sun, Oct 27 2013 14:19:54

[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Ryeowook & Seohyun ^^

SMTOWN in Tokyo 찬열 & 카이 & 려욱 & 종현 ^^ t.co/A1MhLoRPay

Ryeo Wook @ryeong9 Sun, Oct 27 2013 14:31:37

[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Chanyeol & Kai & Ryeowook & Jonghyun ^^
SM Entertainment CEO Kim Youngmin was also caught on camera backstage for a selca with Ryeowook.
SMTOWN in Tokyo 영민 & 려욱 ^^ t.co/drSadTr0Ta
[TRANSLATION] @ryeong9: SMTOWN in Tokyo Youngmin & Ryeowook ^^