To Travel With or Without?


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Airfare flights drop after the summer, making it an ideal time to travel.

During the summer months in North America, airline prices go as high as $2300 on a two-week trip to Spain and burn a hole in a family’s wallet before landing in the country. But for thoseĀ first-time travellers looking to go out on their own, a more appropriate time to fly out is when school’s in session.

The streets of Makati City, Philippines in the early morning, 2012. (Donna Sevilla)

“You don’t know what to expect in a new place,” said Nadine Arcangel, a 29-year-old registered nurse.

Arcangel started joining group travels in 2013 with friends from high school, and said it made her feel nervous before she got hooked onto travelling around the world. Continue reading


Travel Rich: From Toronto to New Jersey to New York


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This is a toll ticket given when you get to Syracuse and head to Buffalo, on our way home from New York.

“That’ll be 27 dollars.”

It was the first time I’ve heard that statement for a bus fare, just for a round trip from our hotel to NYC. With my parents in tow and the directions in my hand, we had a set destination for the Labour Day weekend: Flushing Meadows in Flushing, New York.

This was an impromptu trip literally decided five days before our departure, starting with a call around to pet boarding facilities because we talked a lot about going to watch the US Open – mostly as a joke since we had watched the Rogers Cup the month before – and had barely realized I was securing a spot for him within 30 minutes of that call.

Preparing to travel isn’t something that you can just do on a short amount of funds, especially when you don’t have much money and you’d have to consider the exchange rate. So here was our checklist when it came to money: Continue reading

Walk around Mississauga for the Family Day Walkathon!


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The Mississauga Muslim Community celebrated the meaning of peace in the family as their theme for their fifth annual Family Day Walkathon. Their goal is to raise $250,000 for Credit Valley Hospital in five years.

Iqra Khalid: MP, Mississauga Erin Mills
Abdul Qayyum Mufti: Chairman, Family Day Walkathon
Dr. Colin Saldanha: Chair of the Board of Directors, The Trillium Health Partners Foundation

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VIDEO: SFL Series #2 – I Am


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Getting together with people you care about is a perfect way to start 2017. Looking back at the past year and how far you’ve gone in your journey makes it even better. What has changed, or what have you learned in the past year?

I Am.

We celebrated with music, a meaningful talk and lots of good food with our own budol fight!